Learn on the Go: Top Podcasts for Event Planners

By Katy Mullet | 2 min read

With everything else on your to-do list, networking can be a low priority. While nothing can replace the time spent with those in the industry, podcasts give you the chance to learn from others, no matter where you’re at. We’re sharing our favorite podcasts for event planners, and we’ve even narrowed them down to topics you might be interested in. Listen on your commute or while you’re working for some inspiration. 

Grow your wedding business with the Planner in Training Podcast

On this podcast, Fiorella Niera, owner of Niera Event Group, hosts conversations with professionals across the wedding business. With episodes like how to clone your best clients and how to make your rental company your BFF, she tackles relatable pain points with tactical strategies on how to grow in your network and business. 

Prep for the Future with Event Tech Podcast 

If you’re ready to nerd out on technology that’s transforming the industry, this podcast is for you. With a wealth of episodes, you’re able to find what might work for you and learn about other ways tech is used at events. With episodes like live-streaming your Event 101 and a deep dive on cybersecurity, you can stay ahead of the curve. 

Stay up to date on the event industry with #EventIcons

This weekly podcast is recorded live every Wednesday, which gives listeners the chance to submit questions as they interview some of the biggest names in the event industry. They talk to executives and brands about topics like planning sustainable events and ideas to make events awesome. Get great ideas on issues at the forefront of the industry. 

Grow your catering business with help from The Catering Feed 

No matter the stage of your catering business, this podcast has tips and growth strategies for you. They talk about everything from how to digitally transform your business to how to win your next corporate catering client. And with interviews from real companies, you’ll be able to learn more about what’s working for those in the industry that are just like you.   

Make your Restaurant Unstoppable 

While not specific to events, Restaurant Unstoppable has excellent conversations with restaurant entrepreneurs on what makes them successful. They hit on everything from guerrilla marketing tactics to the importance of every little detail, giving you inspirational stories and tactics you can start using today. 

What are your favorites?

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