5 Time Management Tips To Help You Stay Sane This Season

By Katy Mullet | 3 min read

Working events day in and day out, you probably host like a pro. You know that the early bird gets the worm when it comes to following up on leads and you have a process and a timeline for each event and for communicating with guests.  Time management for event planners is one of the most important parts of the job, but it’s also easy to get caught up in the busy season.  To avoid burnout, we’ve put together tips you can try today.

Plan a Week Out

It’s no surprise that event planners are consistently rated one of the most stressful careers  – between being always on to respond to leads and working events late nights and weekends, it can feel like you never get a break. Starting or ending the week by looking at your next seven days out helps to accomplish a few things – it gives you a chance to prioritize what you have coming up, plan ahead and make time for yourself. 

It also gives you perspective – you can recognize what’s causing stress and even have a chance to reframe it. Instead of thinking of a balance between work and life, think of it as a blend. Not every week will look the same so recognize the time you have to yourself and make sure to honor it. 

Track Your Time 

How much time per week do you spend following up leads? How about setting up for events? Or keeping your team on the same page? Tracking your time helps quantify all these tasks and gives you a good idea of where you’re spending your time.

This is a great exercise to do every few months or if you’re looking to justify the value of an event management platform – you’ll see where your hang-ups are and be able to quantify the value of saving time on tasks like team communication and responding to leads. There are plenty of free tools out there to start tracking. 

Batch Your Tasks 

For every event you have a process – you’re printing BEOs, following up with final details and communicating with your team. Since you’ve taken a look at your schedule a week out, make time to batch some of these common tasks and put them on your to-do list. 

For your routine tasks, it may also be helpful to schedule out time on your calendar. Blocking your calendar prioritizes tasks while letting those you work with know that you’re busy! Start by creating a list of your regular tasks and scheduling them out throughout the week on your calendar. Go back to your week at a glance and decide the best days to get some of your busy work done. 

Leave Room for the Unexpected 

A lead comes in. You have a last-minute cancellation. A high-profile guest shows up. There’s always going to be something that commands your attention so you want to make sure you have the space to take care of one-off situations as well as priority responses. 

Leave enough time on your calendar to attend to the unexpected in events, but also make sure your team is clear on what’s worth dropping everything for. It may help to make a contingency plan with your team – even as simple as a list of the type of situations that high/medium/low priority. That way you can prioritize what needs to be taken care of that minute, that day or later that week. 

Set Boundaries (And stick to them!)

Remember how we talked about boundaries? Setting and maintaining them is super important – you’re being pulled in a bunch of different directions and they help you stay in control of your time and energy. While there will always be something that pops up, your guard rails help you manage your stress and get your work done. 

So when you have your calendar blocked – stick to it! Get comfortable saying no or delegating when a request comes in that’s not your job. And when you can point someone somewhere to get information instead of constantly coming to you, take advantage. Shared calendars and communication apps are great for this!

While these tips are great for refocusing your time, know when you need to take a break! Hopefully, you have a reliable team and an event management platform that can keep everyone in the loop while you get some R&R. 


Katy Mullet
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