The Taste of 2019, Turning New Visitors into Regulars, the Rising Minimum Wage & More

By Caroline Cox | 2 min read

This month, get the 411 on 2019’s top food trends, learn tips for turning new visitors into regulars, see what unconventional questions a Georgia-based restaurant’s hiring manager asks applicants, get the latest on the $15 minimum wage hike, and find out how modern diners are making a comeback.

So This is What 2019 Tastes Like – Fast Company

Fast Company is tackling “the business of food” as it stands today. Their series highlights food trends (like the companies working to become more eco-friendly), news (like the latest fake-meat developments), the brands making big waves, and everything in between.

Expect deep dives into things like Kind Bar’s quest to fix food labeling, why a snack curator at Google is one of the most powerful people in food, and how a new category of “performance beer” is meshing athletes and brew in a whole new way.

How to Convert Visitors into Regulars – Restaurant Hospitality

If turning one-time customers into regulars was easy, everyone would do it! But while there’s no magic formula, Restaurant Hospitality reports on a few strategies you can employ to make the odds of having new patrons return.

They highlight things like remembering the little things (such as keeping notes on regulars in your reservation system about their favorite wine, table preferences or dietary restrictions) and possibly throwing in a comped dish or special new menu item here and there. 

At One of Atlanta’s Most Celebrated Restaurants, New Hires Must First Go Through an Unconventional Interview – Eater

Kimball House’s Jesse Smith isn’t your average interviewer. As Eater explains, the co-owner and hiring manager is known to deploy “wildcard questions” such as whether a candidate prefers RoboCop or Terminator.

According to Jesse, this is all done as a tactic to gauge someone’s character in a way that standard interview questions (which are easier to anticipate and prepare for) do not. Learn more about his nontraditional-yet-effective interview style at the link.

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The House just passed a $15 minimum wage. It would be the first increase in a decade. – Vox

The House recently passed a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, marking the first rate increase in more than 10 years — and the highest increase ever. This bill would potentially boost pay for 27 million workers in the U.S. and reportedly bring more than 1 million households out of poverty.

The anticipation of the bill, which fast-food workers, in particular, have been fighting for for years, has caused plenty of conversation, from whether or not it would cause mass job losses or cause benefits costs to rise. But results from multiple polls show that the majority of citizens want to see the bill take effect. 

The Diner Makes a Comeback – Restaurant Hospitality

Ah, yes — when it comes to eateries, the diner is an American classic. What was once thought of as a retro dining option seems to be in the midst of a resurgence, as modern diners continue to pop up across the country.

Here, Restaurant Hospitality spotlights a handful of diners operating successfully today, and breaks down some of their secrets to success, even in the age of Instagram-fueled foodie culture.

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