Putting Venues First: Gather’s Commitment to its Customers

By Caroline Cox | 2 min read

At Gather, we aim to help event coordinators and venue managers to reach their goals — it’s as simple as that. A huge part of that is our customer experience team, who do their part to help private events programs grow and succeed through their personalized approach to training and support. Our support team is available via phone and email — no, we don’t connect you to a robot, you get a real live person helping you every step of the way. Learn more about our stellar customer experience team below.



They’ll help you become Gather pros in a flash

Gather’s support team isn’t just here to answer questions. One of their big goals is to educate users on how they can be using our software for the maximum benefit to their private events programs. They want to make it easy for everyone — whether you’re new to Gather or a longtime partner — to stay on top of our latest developments and product updates.


They know the ins and outs of the software

When you call or email Gather’s support team, you’re getting connected with experts who are knowledgeable about all of the features our software offers. These aren’t out-of-office people reading from a script — they’re trained, in office, and available to help with troubleshooting and advice on strategic ways to use the platform. (And no, we have nothing to do with that similarly-named spammy app.)


They’re here to help you directly — not reroute you

When you reach out to Gather, you don’t get an automated answering machine message, but a real live person. This makes our support team stand out among the competition — and is a large factor in why they’ve maintained an overall happiness report of 98% in the past year. Our small support team has helped more than 5,600 customers in the past year as well, with an average response time of less than two hours, and an average resolve time of less than 12 (during office hours, the resolution time is approximately four minutes from “problem” to “solved”).


They take your feedback seriously

At Gather, we’re always working hard to make our software the best it can be. Our team of developers is constantly working to improve our product, making it easier for event pros to grow successful private events programs. When users offer feedback, our support team thoughtfully logs that feedback and tracks ideas for the product team to keep in mind when planning updates to our software. We get many of our update ideas from our customers. Your voice matters!


They’re a one-stop shop for best practices

Not sure you’re taking full advantage of all that Gather has to offer? Don’t fret! Our Support experts, along with our Training and Success teams, can offer a slew of tips and tricks to take your knowledge base to the next level. As our Support homepage states, “Whether it’s growing sales, streamlining processes or just keeping everyone on the same page, we take a personalized approach to training and support. Gather is a hospitality company in the business of software, not the other way around. We take the time to learn your business, and tailor your experience to meet your individual needs.”


Now that you know all about Gather’s amazing customer experience team, why not request a live tour to see how we can take your private events program to the next level?

Caroline Cox
Content Marketing Manager

Caroline Cox is Gather's Content Marketing Manager. She spends her time crafting blogs, thought leadership pieces, case studies, social media content and more, helping empower restaurants and other event venues to streamline their planning process and grow their events programs with success.

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