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The Gather Mobile App is Here!

By Chris Wiggins | 2 min read

Technology is transforming the world, and it’s no surprise that mobile devices represent a huge part of that movement. You can order food, book a hotel, catch a ride, and even talk to other people. We know you expect a lot from your phone, so the team at Gather is very excited to announce the release of the Gather Mobile App. Starting today, you can take your events business with you wherever you are.

Access your events on-the-go

With the Gather Mobile App, your event details are always at your fingertips. You can quickly access booking information, contact details, financial breakdowns, and much more. You can even download copies of your automatic documents including BEOs and invoices. Check out any booking you’ve created, and stay on top of the most pressing upcoming events.

Communicate from anywhere

Keep close contact with guests by starting a new message thread or responding directly to clients from your device. Our mobile app has everything you’d expect from Gather messaging such as custom message templates and attachments.

Additionally, you can quickly respond to all incoming leads to give the prospective guest an immediate, personal touch while maximizing your conversion rates.

Finally, keep everyone on your team updated using team communication on both bookings and leads, all within the app.

Get notified

Receive push notifications on your device when a new lead comes in or a guest sends a question about an event. Tapping into the notification will lead you directly to the event details or message, letting you respond within minutes. Guests love a prompt response, and you love a happy guest!

Give it a whirl

Install the apps from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We really hope you enjoy the new app from Gather, and we look forward to continuing our mission of streamlining event management and making your life easier.

Chris Wiggins
Director of Product

Chris Wiggins is Director of Product at Gather.

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