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How an Event Technology Company Does Events

By Katy Mullet | 2 min read

At Gather, we’re all about celebrating life’s special events. That’s why we are focused on bridging technology and hospitality with our event management platform. Events should be simple and enjoyable for guests and venues because it should be about the people around the table, not all the details that got them there. 

As a team, we work hard, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. After a productive quarter, we like to acknowledge progress. These team celebrations make Gather a fun place to work. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see how a company dedicated to building innovative event technology likes to celebrate. 

Celebrating Gather Wins

With just over 100 employees and counting, there’s always someone new to meet, but Gather still feels like a family. Whenever we can, the #Gatherfam gets out of the office and out to see our customer’s venues. Not only do we get to book with our platform, but we get to hear from customers about their experience using it. 

In 2019, we started a new tradition – just like our restaurant customers, we hosted a family meal at the Ford Fry restaurant Beetlecat. We mixed up the seating to socialize across the company and enjoyed trying new dishes and drinks. We plan to keep doing this quarterly to see more clients in Atlanta and help build relationships across teams. 

We also celebrated a major revenue goal by surprising the company with a half-day at Punch Bowl Social. The team got to use their competitive side playing table games, and see how a non-traditional venue uses our product. 

Like many companies, we host a holiday party. This year, we celebrated a year of hard work at Terminus 330. The party had lite bites, signature cocktails, music, and a photo booth. Our founders also took the time to award our “Most Valuable Gatherer” award to two well-deserving team members. 

Thanks to our events committee, we also do fun pop-ups in the office to celebrate the seasons. A group of volunteer employees get together regularly to plan events that gather groups of employees across the company. Recently, we’ve done a Chili Cookoff, Gathergiving potluck, and a Winter cookie swap. With a new year around the corner, we can’t wait to see what fun this committee comes up with!

Gathering Customers Together

In 2018, we hosted an event with our customer advisory board here in our hometown of Atlanta. We had so much fun we decided to take it on the road! In 2019, we had Gather Live events in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco for local customers to meet other event professionals, learn best practices and hear about the latest product developments. 

With so many great customers to choose from, we hosted all of these events at Gather venues. A bonus of this is getting to use our own product to book each event! We submit a lead through their lead form, sign the proposal through the guest portal, and get to see how different venues use the message templates to communicate with us. 

Celebrating life’s special events is not only ingrained in the technology we create, but it’s also in the DNA of Gather. Getting into the community to see our customers not only helps us understand them better, but lets us build relationships as a team. As we head into the new year, we’re setting growth goals, and we’re already looking forward to another year of events.

Katy Mullet
Content Marketing Manager

I'm the Content Marketing Manager here at Gather. Outside of writing and creating campaigns, I love to try new restaurants here in Atlanta or wherever I'm traveling.

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