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New in Gather: A Homepage Refresh and Lead Form Updates

By Lisa Lotyczewski | 3 min read

With 2019 in full swing, Gather’s kicking off the new year with redesigns, updates and more. We’re all about the theme of a fresh start — new year, new look and feel, and newly enhanced ways to manage and grow your events program. This is your year, we can feel it!

Our revamped homepage puts all of your immediate action items front and center. This gives you even more visibility into your event sales pipeline for quick navigation and easier management.

Gather’s lead form also getting an update. The guest count field now has new customizable options so you can manage party size minimums and maximums.

A homepage that helps prioritize your day, week, and month

We’re building new ways to make event management easier and help you drive growth. To start, we’re launching a brand-new homepage that provides a quick snapshot of important action items you can take to efficiently manage incoming leads and upcoming events.

Your Company Snapshot shows live event data ranging from open leads to unsent proposals and unsigned contracts. Once you know what open items you have on the books, you can quickly determine what needs your immediate attention. The cherry on top? Each data point is clickable and takes you directly to a page with all the relevant details.

Under My Locations, you can see a clear summary of your most important event numbers: unread leads, bookings happening today, and bookings for the upcoming week. When you’re managing multiple locations, this view allows you to see detailed information across your event sales pipeline on a location-by-location basis.

On the right side of the homepage, you’ll see two areas for quick access to communication and tasks. Now, all of your recent messages are in one place every time you log into Gather. Toggle between customer and team messages to view your 20 most recent communications with guests and internal team members. One click on any message brings you straight to the actual page for all the details.

Similarly, the task box below that now provides a simple view of your upcoming tasks across all of your leads and bookings, letting you quickly check off completed tasks to stay organized and on track.

New year, new lead form

We’ve been working on exciting updates to Gather’s lead form that will drive more business for you and make submitting event inquiries a breeze for guests. Below, we cover the new custom guest count feature, along with beta lead form features that are available to customers who want to try them out early and provide feedback. 

New ways to manage event guest count

This current release lets you apply a customizable guest count minimum and maximum that can be adjusted to fit your business needs. You can easily change the required guest count under your account settings, and that change will apply across all of your Gather lead forms.

Get a sneak peek: Gather’s new, simplified lead form (beta feature)

Soon, we’ll be updating our lead form from three pages to one. As a beta feature tester, you can get this new lead form on your website today to make the event request process faster and easier for guests — no one’s going to complain about that!

The single-page lead form includes new fields like source tracking, to learn and record how your clients heard about you. Once they fill out this info, it populates on the lead in Gather, giving you more insight on the marketing channels that work best for your business. The more you know, right?

Create and track marketing initiatives through unique URLs (beta feature)

Most restaurants or venues run a variety of marketing campaigns to drum up new business or bring back previous clients. Understanding where your event leads come from and what types of events have the most impact on your business are keys to determining your target audience or event type.

In four simple steps, our auto-tracking URL can help you collect leads and evaluate which marketing campaigns are performing best.

  • Create: You create a unique link in Gather that can include a specific source, channel or campaign.
  • Share: Once this link is created, you can use it anywhere! On Facebook, Instagram, email, flyers, or any other place you’d like to track leads.
  • Track: Once a guest inquires about an event from that link, Gather will automatically add the source, channel or campaign information to the tracking section for that lead. This also carries over when you convert those leads to bookings!
  • Analyze: Use the Lead Summary and Bookings by Campaign reports to track how many leads and bookings were generated by specific campaigns and use that information to optimize your marketing strategy!

Interested in test driving new lead form features before they’re released?

Awesome! Join Gather Labs, our beta program, to try new features we’re developing and provide feedback on your experience before they’re released to our full client base.

As we’ve mentioned, this round of lead form updates is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, we’ll share more details on the single-page lead form and announce when it’s available for everyone to use. This optimizes the way you collect leads from your website and helps drive more events for your venue. Future updates will also include fresh ways to delight your clients that’ll keep them coming back for more — so stay tuned!

Lisa Lotyczewski
Product Marketing Manager

Lisa is the Product Marketing Manager at Gather. She works to foster community and educate users about our innovative product, helping showcase how Gather is changing the way people think about events.

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