5 Events to Celebrate the Grape Harvest You Can Steal

By Katy Mullet | 2 min read

As the grapes come in, you’re in crush season! While your staff is busy winemaking, your tasting room is probably full too – everyone wants to celebrate the harvest. Hosting winery events during this season may seem like one more thing on your to-list, but with all the energy towards wine right now, the momentum can drive event sales and wine club membership. With more people coming to taste, don’t waste this opportunity to test out new events, find out what’s most profitable and grow awareness of your brand.

Harvest Winery Events

Harvest Dinner

An al fresco evening that pairs your wines with food courses can be an exclusive event that brings people to your winery. Give your winemaker time to shine and have them explain how each tasting goes with each course as well as thoughts on this year’s grapes. This is a great way to increase your membership and retain members.

Crushing Party

A good old-fashioned grape stomp is sure to bring in locals and tourists alike. Paired with music, small bites and wine-tastings, you’re sure to have a hit on your hands. Guests are able to get a behind-the-scenes on the harvest process and learn how the wine is made, all while enjoying your vineyard. This is a great event to introduce new people to your wines.

Wedding Sampler

If you’re looking to grow your wedding business, the fall is a great time to bring in engaged couples still looking for a venue. According to Wedding Wire, September and October are the two most popular months for weddings so if you’re looking to fill your calendar, it’s great to give couples a feel for what it would look like at that time of year. From table settings to wine and food tastings, couples can get a true taste of the atmosphere for their special day.

Live Music

You may have done music in the evenings in the summer, but with cooler nights, fall is great for music during the day. Make a series out of local artists you bring in on weekend days to encourage those to come for a tasting and stay to enjoy your grounds. This is also a great option if you want to offer something that’s family-friendly.

Autumn Bash

Feature a more rustic get-together that combines enjoying your wine, celebrating the end of the season and a relaxed atmosphere. Food trucks or local restaurants are great here to keep your guests fed. It’s also an opportunity to partner with other local groups such as non-profits, farmers or artisans. You and your guests can give back to the community, enjoy seasonal favorites or support local artists while also savoring your wines.

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