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Here’s How Gather’s Time-Saving Strategies Make You Money

By Holly Edwards | 3 min read

As an events industry pro, it can seem like there’s never enough time in the day to cross everything off your to-do list. From meeting with clients and creating proposals to collecting deposits, it’s hard to juggle tasks for multiple events while meeting all your deadlines. That’s where Gather comes in. 

Our event management software not only streamlines the way you host private events, but it can save you hours on tasks that you would normally do manually. Below, we’ve listed a few features of our software that can give you hours back in your week. This way, you can book more events — and bring in more revenue.


Lead form

Our signature lead form, which can easily be embedded on your company’s website, can allow you to make the event inquiry process a breeze for yourself and venue prospects. It allows potential event clients to submit an inquiry 24/7. It also helps you gather the necessary details you need right away, which means less back and forth before the event is confirmed. Our lead form will allow you to respond more quickly and book more events faster. Spend less time scanning your inbox and more time gathering leads for your events program.

Real-life example: Campus No. 805 is able to process admin work 75% faster using Gather.


Digital contracts and proposals

How much time do you spend drafting a contract or proposal from scratch for every new event inquiry? With our templates for digital contracts and proposals, you can get a client’s signature in minutes, while you significantly reduce your paper trail. We know that contracts and proposals contain sensitive information about your clients. That’s why we made them accessible on our secure, cloud-based platform.

Real-life example: Breckenridge Distillery reduces contract and proposal creation by 4 hours per week using Gather.


Email, BEO and booking templates

You probably spend a lot of your time multitasking. So it’s important to be able to respond to your prospects and clients quickly. Our email, booking and BEO templates make communicating with customers easy and efficient. Simply open up one of our templates (or create your own), fill out a few details and send it on over to your client. Our templates eliminate any potential miscommunications from emails and phone calls and ensure no details fall through the cracks.

Real-life example: Rayback Collective cuts BEO creation time by 5-7 hours per week using Gather.


Online payments

As a business that hosts private events, you want to make sure you handle your clients’ credit card information safely. That’s why we made sure our software is PCI compliant. This means we offer a secure payment processing environment for you and your clients. Being able to send and receive payment requests and enter in credit card information in one place will also save you the headache of calling your client and asking them for deposits or payments.

Real-life example: Southwind Hills saves 8 hours per week processing leads using Gather.


Customizable reports

Tired of manually crunching numbers of your event sales on spreadsheets? With our customizable reports, you can get a better look into how your events program is running. This includes which types of events are bringing in the most revenue, which marketing channels are bringing in the most events, and which locations are booking the most events. Being able to access these reports with the click of a button will allow you to spend less time on data analysis and more time running your events program.

Real-life example: Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe processes leads 50% more efficiently by using Gather.


Now that you know how Gather can save you time and bring in more money, request a live demo of our software.

Holly Edwards
Content Marketing Specialist

Holly Edwards is Gather's Content Marketing Specialist. She crafts blog posts, social media content and thought leadership pieces that help restaurants and other venues streamline their planning process and host successful events.

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