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How Gather Helps Power Music Venue Events

By Holly Edwards | 2 min read

As the event manager at a music venue, you’re likely using software to coordinate ticket sales and RSVPs of guests at your public events. But, how are you coordinating with clients who are interested in renting out your space for a private event, like a wedding reception, VIP concert, or birthday party?

While there’s no software out there that can currently manage both your public and private events, we’ve highlighted the ways you can use Gather alongside your ticketing software to streamline the private events process at your music venue.


Use internal notes

When you’re hosting a public event at your music venue, you can use our calendar feature to store information and event details. This will help you keep track of all of your public and private events in one place. Do you want to let your team members know what time a band will be arriving for a scheduled concert? Or, how about the number of guests expected to attend a live music event? By using event management software to track all of your private and public event details, you’ll be able to stay organized and streamline communication with your team.


Track total sales

One benefit that our event management software provides your music venue is the option to track your total sales (public and private events) using our custom reporting. Simply create a new event in our calendar with all of the information you need (like you would with a private event), except the proposal. Here, you can enter in the number of RSVPs and price per ticket you’ve sold (this is also a great way to see how much inventory you’re going to need for the night). That way, all of the profit from your public events can be tracked in our reports. You can then go back and see your total sales for the quarter or the year.


Block off your calendar

While Gather’s calendar is used to help streamline private events, you can add in event details from your public events on our calendar as well. If you know which days you’re going to have concerts at your venue, block off that day in your Gather calendar so you know not to host private events that night. Or, if you have a specific room in your venue dedicated to private parties, put a note that you’ll be having a concert that night. This will keep you organized with all of the events going on at your music venue.


Record notes you can later reference

Once a concert or other public event has finished at your venue, is there a place you record notes of how it went? Why not keep all of your private and public events notes in one easy-to-access place? Once you add in your public event details into our calendar, you can use the “Team Communication” section to record notes of how you think the event went. Was the band well received? Did concert attendees give you any feedback regarding drink prices or things they loved about your venue? Did you request feedback from the client who booked your space? Record it all here so you can reference it in the future.


Now that you know how Gather can help power events at your music venue, request a live demo today!

Holly Edwards
Content Marketing Specialist

Holly Edwards is Gather's Content Marketing Specialist. She crafts blog posts, social media content and thought leadership pieces that help restaurants and other venues streamline their planning process and host successful events.

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