Gather’s Mobile App: Why This Update is a Game-Changer

By Lisa Lotyczewski | 2 min read

The holidays are here, which means your biggest event season is in full swing and you’re busier than ever. Time is of the essence, and Gather’s latest mobile app update keeps you on top of all the event details so you can take action quickly, no matter where you are.

You can now convert leads to events, create new events, and make edits on event details from your phone. Voilà! Holiday events just got easier.

Create, convert and edit events

We know how important quick lead-response times and efficient event management are to keeping your events programs growing. With that in mind, we’ve rolled out new mobile app features to help you knock tasks out as quickly as possible. Now you can convert a lead to an event easily, as well as make edits to that event whenever you need to, right from your phone. You can also create new events in the mobile app and make changes throughout the planning process, to keep your team up to date on event details in real-time.

Accept or decline Gather Booking Network leads

Accepting leads on the go has always been a huge benefit of using the Gather’s mobile app. Now, you can also accept or decline Gather Booking Network leads on your phone, filling open spaces on your events calendar from anywhere. Once you accept a Gather Booking Network lead, it’s automatically converted into an event and reserves the date and time on your calendar.  

Add, edit, and delete event notes

We all know events can change on the fly. If you get an update from your team or a guest while you’re out of the office, you can add or edit event notes from your phone to keep booking details accurate. Need to delete event notes altogether? No problem: You can discard an event note if it’s no longer relevant.

Better lead and event tracking

Managing and updating your sales pipeline and archiving leads that don’t work out doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can now archive leads and cancel events in Gather’s mobile app, the same way you do on your computer. Tracking why leads are archived or events are canceled helps you identify areas for growth. Now, we’re making it easier than ever to capture and update that information. 

Don’t have Gather’s mobile app? Download it now to increase your lead response time and manage all your event details on the go.

Lisa Lotyczewski
Product Marketing Manager

Lisa is the Product Marketing Manager at Gather. She works to foster community and educate users about our innovative product, helping showcase how Gather is changing the way people think about events.

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