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Gather Makes BEO Binders Obsolete — Here’s How

By Caroline Cox | 3 min read

Ah, the Banquet Event Order binder — used by event professionals and venue managers for years to keep track of all event-related documents, contracts, menus and more. 

BEOs are contracts outlining all the details on a particular event, such as food and beverage orders, A/V requirements, room info, decor, signed receipts, staffing and everything in between. The downsides to the BEO binder are many — who wants to lug around and keep track of a huge physical binder that has to be referenced by various team members and constantly updated for accuracy? But thanks to our cloud-based software that keeps everything digital, instant, and all in one place, Gather has replaced the need for a BEO binder. Want to know more? Read on.

We’re cloud-based

Gather’s software platform is stored digitally on the cloud (AKA on the internet instead of on one particular hard drive or computer), making it easy for users to access all event-related info they need from their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, no matter where they are. Simply log in to view team communications, documents, menus, statuses and immediately update details or address items that need attention whether you’re in or out of the office.

We make seamless communication easy

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to event planning and execution — so keeping everyone informed is crucial to success. Gather’s communication tools and chat history logs ensure that you’re in constant contact with your staff, chefs, managers, suppliers and clients, so everyone stays informed and in the loop. You can even tag specific team members if there’s something that needs their particular, immediate attention. Want to let your staff know details about an event that you don’t want to be seen by the client (such as a surprise Champagne toast)? You can use our internal notes feature. These can be added in the same place as your other event notes, and will appear on the chef BEO document.

We offer customized BEO templates

With our customizable BEO templates, you can keep your team organized while offering your client a personalized, clean design. You can include your company’s logo, event information, customer details, menu notes, financials and more. This template also keeps your client information secure and in one easy-to-access place.

We keep everything you need in one place

With the BEO binder, sure, everything was all together — but it could only be accessed from one physical location, it was difficult to keep organized, and if you lost one important document, you’d have a (time-consuming) issue. Gather’s platform is easy to navigate and serves as a one-stop shop for your event details. Our users generally only need one or two training sessions with one of our customer support experts before they’re experts on the software themselves, whether they have previous software experience or not.

We offer instant, real-time updates

Not only does Gather’s software allow team members to update any and all event details in real-time, but we’re constantly making improvements to both our software and our app, to make sure the experience is seamless, easy and convenient for our customers to grow their events businesses. Plus, there’s no comparison between having to manually update documents that then have to be reprinted and placed into a binder when an event detail changed, and simply logging on to Gather to quickly update a food allergy alert for a menu, a guest count or a cost estimate. Gather is aiming to transform and streamline the event planning process — one fewer BEO binder at a time.


Now that you know how Gather makes event planning easier, request a live demo and try it out for yourself!

This is an updated post that originally appeared on the Gather blog in October 2016.

Caroline Cox
Content Marketing Manager

Caroline Cox is Gather's Content Marketing Manager. She spends her time crafting blogs, thought leadership pieces, case studies, social media content and more, helping empower restaurants and other event venues to streamline their planning process and grow their events programs with success.

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