Gather Gives: Volunteering, Fundraising & Giving Back

By Caroline Cox | 3 min read

The Gather team has always been committed to providing our clients with the best product and customer service possible. We also know that part of being a successful business is doing what we can to support our community. Throughout our company’s history, we’ve participated in volunteer initiatives, fundraising, donation drives and more.

Here are a few of the great causes we’ve worked with this year.

gather and the giving kitchen

Raising money for the Giving Kitchen

The Giving Kitchen is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization. They provide emergency assistance through financial support and community resources to restaurant workers. They help those in the industry who are struggling with their living expenses while recovering from an accident, illness or disaster. This group is close to our heart because of its local tie, great mission, and the fact that we work with so many great restaurants.

This year, we raised money for the Giving Kitchen through a brunch fundraiser hosted by our CX team. We also chose them as our beneficiary when we participated in the Atlanta Startup Games this spring. Overall, we were able to raise more than $2,000 in 2018 for this stellar cause.

gather + everybody wins

Reading to elementary-school kids

Since 2016, some of our team members have been involved with the local chapter of Everybody Wins. This is a volunteer reading program that pairs mentors with children to help improve their literacy and grow their confidence in reading. Once every one or two weeks, participants spend their lunch break reading a book with a child during what’s called Power Lunch.

Everybody Wins reports that 91% of Power Lunch students showed measurable reading improvement from the beginning to the end of the school year. This program has been highly rewarding for our team members, and we look forward to continuing it for years to come.

gather gives day

Launching the first Gather Gives Day

During April (National Volunteer month) of this year, we started a new tradition, dubbed Gather Gives Day. On this day, almost all of the Gather team set out on a half-day of volunteering. (Stay tuned for where we end up during the second annual Gather Gives Day in 2019!)

Some people spent time at the Atlanta Humane Society cleaning cages, making cat toys and, of course, holding our share of puppies. Others ventured to PowerMyLearning, helping refurbish hundreds of donated computers for families and schools in need. Lastly, some people headed to the Atlanta Community Tool Bank. They lend tools and equipment resources to charitable groups around the city. These volunteers organized tools, painted walls, disassembled shelving units, broke up concrete, and more.

gather + childrens restoration network

Organizing a back-to-school fundraiser

In late summer, we partnered with the Children’s Restoration Network for a back-to-school drive helping children experiencing homelessness get the school supplies they need.

We raised money from fellow team members over a handful of weeks. With that, we were able to purchase dozens of backpacks and school supplies. The items were then distributed to some of the thousands of children staying in hundreds of different shelters across the state of Georgia.

gather gives group pic

Hosting holiday parties for kindergarteners

To cap off 2018, we organized a fun end-of-year holiday party for four kindergarten classrooms at an Atlanta elementary school. Coworkers, as well as their friends and family, donated everything to make it happen, from plates, cups, and decor to snacks, drinks, and gifts.

At the school, we got to spend time dancing and singing with the children. We then gave each child a coloring book, crayons, and winter gloves. They were so excited, and it meant a lot to be able to make them smile.

Whether it’s through fundraising, donation drives or volunteering our time, we’re humbled by all of the great organizations we were able to work with this year. We’re excited to continue supporting our community with even more ways to give back in 2019!


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Caroline Cox
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