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[Webinar] Four Steps to Event Success in 2020

By Lisa Lotyczewski | 3 min read


We know the holidays demand the most of your time and energy, but there are a few steps you can take now to set yourself up for success in 2020. We recently held a short webinar with Customer Success Manager Austin Smith, where he shared a targeted list of tips for Gather users to get ready for the new year. Here’s what to prioritize for event success measurement and changes in 2020:

Get a Pulse Check from This Year’s Results

During this webinar, Austin talked through three reports: Bookings by Event Type, Bookings by Export Report, and Bookings by Campaign. 

These reports offer a wealth of information on your event performance for the past year, which can help you set new program goals for 2020. The Event Type report will show you what events are most lucrative and how this changes by the quarter or the season. The export report (see the recording starting at 4:11) will give you all the financial details about your events and allow you to pull past contacts to help with re-marketing. And if you’re tracking campaigns, the Campaign report will let you know what’s resonating with your audience. 

With Gather, you can get all this data and more to help you make smarter business decisions and track success – at no extra charge. 

Create a Marketing Strategy for the New Year

With everything you’ve pulled from reports, you’re ready to rock a marketing strategy in the new year. Austin recommends a two-pronged approach to this: re-marketing to top clients and setting up auto-tracking links to better track any campaigns you run. 

Re-marketing is huge for business since it’s much easier to close past leads than new ones. After you have your list of top clients, it’s time to get creative! To fill up the calendar at the beginning of the year, you’d do well to offer incentives. You can offer discounts, added benefits like a free bottle of wine, or you can remind clients when your holiday surge pricing ends so you stay top of mind, and they know when they’re getting the best deal. 

For any of your re-marketing campaigns, make sure you measure success with auto-tracking links. To do this, you can set the source, channel, and campaign name in gather and generate a link to use in campaigns so you can see who’s converting, where. You can also set up links for social media and track those results as well. See the webinar at 4:50 for more information on how to set up tracking.

Plan for Growth

Austin’s top tips for growth in the new year revolve around a simple feature: the auto-responder. We see the most success for converting more leads to bookings when clients set up an automated message that includes the event packet, pricing, and FAQs. Plus, this ensures your guests get an instant response, kicking things off on the right foot. 

Since the end of the year is focused on executing holiday events, the auto-responder acknowledges leads and gives them the essential information they need to start planning their event while taking a step out of the process for you. 

And soon you’ll have the option of letting a guest book an event themselves with Instant Book. This simplified booking experience will allow guests to instantly book events through your website by securing a space and paying a deposit online. See a preview on 6:21 of the webinar and email your Customer Success Manager or our support team if you’re interested in trying it out. 

New Year, Fresh Process 

As you head into 2020, it’s also a great idea to schedule an hour to do some basic clean up of your account. With the end-of-year rush, there’s always a few things that get pushed to the side like closing bookings. By including the actual guest count and event spend to close out a booking, you’ll get more useful and up-to-date reports in Gather. Don’t forget to evaluate user access, update your templates, and review your process with any new team members. And feel free to check in with your CSM – they’re always happy to share best practices. 

Cheering you on this season! 

Lisa Lotyczewski
Product Marketing Manager

Lisa is the Product Marketing Manager at Gather. She works to foster community and educate users about our innovative product, helping showcase how Gather is changing the way people think about events.

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