3 Ways to De-Stress Before Your Next Event

By Katy Mullet | 2 min read

In one day you wear many hats – from project manager to decorator you’re managing the ins and outs of events at your venue. Don’t let event planning stress get you stuck in a negative mindset this busy season. Keep burnout at bay — there’s plenty of ways to calm down when work stresses you out. Here are three of our favorites. 

Take a Deep Breath 

Perfect for in-the-moment stress, breathing exercises tell your mind to calm down sending that message to the rest of your body. When you’re stressed, you have an increased heart rate and tend to take shorter breaths so by consciously taking longer, deeper breaths, you are effectively putting your body back into a relaxed state (Source). 

There are different versions of deep breathing so you can try to see what works best for you. You can try count breathing where you count your pacing. One example of this is 4-7-8 breathing where you inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and breath out for eight. Another great breathing exercise is to visualize something while you’re breathing, such as a balloon to help breath deeply from your diaphragm.

These breathing techniques are great when something doesn’t go to plan or you’re dealing with a demanding guest. They help you de-stress right there and then so you can tackle the situation at hand. 

Have a Gratitude Practice 

In the leading research on gratitude, those who had a regular practice of being grateful were happier and healthier. Appreciating your circumstances gives you a perspective that can be hard to find when you’re bogged down by little details and constant communication. 

There are lots of ways to cultivate gratitude such as writing thank you letters to those you appreciate including guests and co-workers. You can also keep a gratitude journal to jot down what you are thankful for throughout the week. 

Recognizing your gratitude is a great practice to do regularly, but especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. So the next time you have a busy week coming up, take five minutes to recognize people, places or things in your life that you are thankful for. 

Give Yourself a Time Out

Another stress-relief practice for when you’re trying to problem-solve is to take a step away. When stress and anxiety are starting to rule your mind and you have a few minutes to spare, it’s time to take a break. You may just find that those few minutes away, help you to know what to do next – these breaks are incredibly important for creativity which can lead to new answers. 

So what can you do to take a break? Sometimes a walk around the block, stepping away from your desk to listen to a song or a few minutes with a game on your phone can be all you need. But bigger breaks are important too! Make sure to take a vacation so you can reduce your stress, catch up sleep and increase productivity (Source). 

Whether its tips to book repeat business or a platform to simplify booking and running events Gather is here to help take work off your plate. You’re too blessed to be stressed! Remember to take a deep breath, be grateful, take a time out and check the Gather blog for more tips and tricks. 

Katy Mullet
Content Marketing Manager

I'm the Content Marketing Manager here at Gather. Outside of writing and creating campaigns, I love to try new restaurants here in Atlanta or wherever I'm traveling.

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