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5 Ways Technology Saves You Time and Money When Managing Events

By Joy Ugi | 3 min read

As an event manager, you know how time can disappear when you’re planning, organizing, and executing events — not to mention dealing with the admin, follow-ups, and inquiries. While events are a great opportunity to bring in additional profits to your business, you may not realize that not managing events wisely can leave you strapped for cash.

If you’re too focused on producing a great event without keeping an eye on your budget, money can slip through the cracks. There’s a solution to both of these problems: Restaurant technology makes event managers more efficient and, in the process, helps them put dollars back into their budgets. Luckily, there are five ways technology can save you time, money, and headaches.


Ordering ingredients

With technology, all of your ordering processes stay the same — they just move online. That means you can access your order sheets anytime, anywhere: whether your staff is cleaning up an event, conducting a walkthrough, or somewhere in between. You can order when and where it works for you. Online ordering not only makes managing events more efficient, it also saves you money. You can watch price trends to see if they’re increasing or decreasing and make decisions about your event menu accordingly. Additionally, you can compare supplier costs to make sure you’re always getting the best price.


Taking inventory

Move your event inventory processes online and say hello to efficiency. You can keep track of how much food you have in stock for your events so you know how much to order next time — and do it all from your phone or tablet. Online inventory solutions go where you go, so you can review your inventory wherever you areat an event, your restaurant, the kitchen, your house. Doing inventory online saves you money, too. It allows you to see at a glance what you’re using up quickly, as well as what ingredients are going bad sooner than expected. You can then place more accurate food orders for events. That means throwing away less food and saving more money.


Communicating with your team

Trash your sticky notes and email chains. With technology, you can communicate about things like private events with your team in one online (or, ideally, cloud-based) location. You can make sure specific members of your team are assigned to tasks so everyone understands their responsibilities and nothing gets lost in translation. Plus, having message logs on the same platform as the rest of your event info makes it easier to search through past conversations without having to read dozens of email chains. Centralized communication for events streamlines your team’s efforts, and when you’re all on the same page, your event planning and execution operate seamlessly.


Lowering labor costs

A more efficient team and online process lead to fewer people being needed to manage and run events. You can schedule fewer team members to cover event shifts, which means you can keep your restaurant at full speed or invest less money into labor costs. It also allows your private events program to grow in a way that’s manageable and doesn’t require a big hiring increase. Who doesn’t want to increase their event profits simply by having a few fewer hands on the floor?


Increasing availability

With technology, you can always be open for business. Integrating event management apps, software, and even a lead form with your website allows a potential customer to reach out, no matter when they’re browsing. Automation will take over, and you can continue the conversation at your convenience. You stay reachable anytime, anywhere so your business runs on its own.


When done right, event management can earn you thousands of extra dollars per quarter — especially when paired with efficient technology. More and more restaurant operators and event managers are using technology to streamline their process and increase their profits. It’s also easier than struggling with old-school manual processes like clipboards, paper notes, voicemails, and Excel spreadsheets. There’s no doubt technology is the way of the future for event management. It’s waiting for people like you — who want to save time and money — to pick it up and use it.

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This is an updated post that originally appeared on the Gather blog in April 2016.

Joy Ugi

Joy writes about restaurant technology, operational efficiency, and food purchasing trends for Orderly - the #1 restaurant app for online ordering, paperless invoicing, and painless inventory.

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