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5 Tips to Show Repeat Event Clients Some Love

By Caroline Cox | 3 min read

From punch cards and points systems to discounts and promotions, there are plenty of options when it comes to incentivizing repeat clients for their continued business. But how do you know which one makes sense for you, and which one your clients will respond to the best? Below, we’ve got a handful of things to keep in mind when deciding on how exactly to show repeat event clients some love — and keep them coming back for more.


Offer an incentive that makes sense for you.

More often than not, incentive programs aren’t a one-size-fits-all offering. While a frequent buyer card may make sense for a coffee shop or auto shop, it probably wouldn’t be a good fit for a bar or high-end restaurant. As Accion reports, “few things speak louder than saving money on purchases.” This could mean including an on-brand coupon in an event guest’s check for booking a return event or even an app that makes it easy for you to include a complimentary add-on or freebie if an event guest re-books — you can even consider making it time-sensitive.


Make it easy for guests to participate.

If your incentive program has more than a few steps, it’s unlikely to get much traction, no matter how great it is. Hubspot suggests keeping the system as simple as possible, such as with a points system, which the company says is “the most common loyalty program methodology.” Another seamless way is through email — have the guest sign up with the promise of receiving VIP access to new event offerings, any discount opportunities, or new venue add-ons, like a mimosa bar or revamped patio space. Just make sure to plan out these incentives — and never over-email, or you risk them hitting “unsubscribe.”


Don’t forget to promote.

What’s a great incentive without the proper promotion? If you’re launching a new loyalty program, your plan should include multiple methods of promoting it. That could mean social media postings, a small information card in a check presenter, a newsletter blast, and including the info in the guest’s follow-up email after their event takes place. The key: Be consistent with your message, be clear on what’s being offered, and include a URL or email where people can be directed to if they want more details.


Consider a multi-level incentive program.

You can take your program a step further (whether you’re just starting out or have an established system) by implementing a tiered or multi-level loyalty program. This means that a guest who returns once receives the first level of incentive, while someone who has booked five or 10 events at your space would receive another level. You can even offer a tier for those who have a referral successfully book. This can help encourage additional events and offers more gratification than a simple points system might.


Keep your goal in mind.

A study from Bond Brand Loyalty found that 76 percent of consumers see rewards programs as part of the consumer-business relationship. Whatever incentive option you decide to go with, it’s crucial to keep the customer at the center. “Delivering experiences that make your customers feel valued and appreciated is a great way to gain repeat, loyal customers,” reports Forbes. “Their response to your actions not only increase your sales, but strengthen your brand reputation.” Remember that guests will see through a ploy that doesn’t really provide them with value, and make sure that what you’re offering is beneficial to both your company and to them.


Now that you’re caught up on how to show repeat event clients some love, why not request a tour of Gather to see if our event management software is right for you?

Caroline Cox
Content Marketing Manager

Caroline Cox is Gather's Content Marketing Manager. She spends her time crafting blogs, thought leadership pieces, case studies, social media content and more, helping empower restaurants and other event venues to streamline their planning process and grow their events programs with success.

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