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3 Gather Tips To Save Time During the Busy Season

By Lisa Lotyczewski | 3 min read

Event planners across the country are in peak planning season. Calendars are filling up as folks finalize the details for their holiday parties, and things might be a little crazy at your venue. We put together a checklist of all the ways Gather  automates your daily tasks and helps save time during the busy season. Schedule a few minutes to go through this checklist and get ready to save hours on the backend while you’re executing events. 

Pro Tip 1: Use Seasonal Message Templates

Your lead became a booking, and now you’re ready to confirm everything with your guests– messaging templates make life easy for you and your team. Think about the standard messages you send out: responding to leads, sending proposals, confirming final event details, and more. 

If you don’t already use these or if you want to add some holiday flair – now’s the perfect time to set them up. You can even add variables to automatically pull in information like the guest’s name or event date. And you can add saved files like menus or policies to attach automatically. All of this saves you time, which keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you get work done faster.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a full events calendar, don’t just ignore the new leads that come in. While you don’t have space to host them this year, they’re still valuable leads that you can market to in the New Year. Set up an auto-responder or create a ‘booked up’ message template for these leads. This communication will leave them with a positive experience so they’ll keep you in mind for future events.  

Pro Tip 2: Build a holiday booking template and share it with your team

You know all those repetitive Event Notes you add for certain kinds of events? We’re talking about stuff like staffing numbers, timeline, allergy notes and so on. Instead of copying and pasting those to every booking, set them up as a booking template so you can easily add them to all your holiday events. 

Things run a little differently during the holidays, so taking time to organize specific event notes and booking templates within Gather will help your team have all the information they need. Some examples of this could be a holiday brunch buyout or the corporate holiday party. They’re pretty different events and may vary from how you run events during the offseason. By adding these holiday-specific booking templates, you can stay organized and keep everyone on the same page throughout the planning process. 

Pro Tip 3: Add a Holiday Version of Your Saved Docs

Remember all those messaging templates we set up? You probably included some saved documents in those. Before you start using them, it’s good to do a read-through to make sure all of your policies and menus are up to date. 

Many venues hold stricter cancellation policies during the holiday season since the calendar is jam-packed, and losing a booking means losing significant business. If your regular event policies don’t include this cancellation policy, make sure you update your policies this season. We’ve heard from some venues that they’ve started baking this language into their standard policy – add that to your to-list post-January 1st!

Menus and prices also change during the holidays so make sure to upload those to the Gather menu tab in your location settings. Clearly label them as the holiday packages, so no one on your team gets confused. Save yourself the headache of adding individual menu items for every booking.  

More Resources to Help with Your Holiday Events

Gather’s here to help you thrive and save time during the busy holiday season! We’ve even put together a resource page that links to helpful tips. You can always catch us at our next Holiday Webinine if you’d like to ask questions. And if you need help right away, live chat with our support team. Now’s time to get to it – make your to-do list and check it twice so you can have happy holidays just like your guests.

Lisa Lotyczewski
Product Marketing Manager

Lisa is the Product Marketing Manager at Gather. She works to foster community and educate users about our innovative product, helping showcase how Gather is changing the way people think about events.

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