About Gather

Gather is the leading event management software for restaurants and venues.

We enable hospitality companies of all sizes to manage and grow successful events businesses. That's why national brands, hospitality groups, and single-location venues & restaurants alike use Gather to power their events. From private-equity backed growth concepts to James Beard award-winning restaurants, we're trusted to serve as the anchor between management, events teams, and their customers.


A team of driven, creative, and tech-savvy event veterans with a shared passion for food, drink, and merriment.

  1. Nicholas Miller

    Co-Founder & CEO

  2. Alex Lassiter

    Co-founder & VP of Customer Experience

  3. Tom Merrihew

    Co-Founder & Lead Developer

  4. Sara McGlothlin

    People Operations Manager

  5. Patrick Holloway

    Sales Training Manager

  6. Taylor Pershing

    Sr. Training Manager

  7. Marianne Van Meter

    Account Executive

  8. Stephen Saucier

    Senior Software Developer

  9. Jordan Skinner

    Client Success Manager

  10. Brooke Hutchins

    Training Manager

  11. Angel Cartagena III

    Account Executive

  12. Joe Scaramellino

    Sales Development Manager

  13. Will Kimmel

    Account Executive

  14. Leigh Malamphy

    Sr. Training Manager

  15. Samantha Manos

    Client Success Manager

  16. Libby DeCamps

    Director of Marketing

  17. Amanda Russell

    Account Executive

  18. Chris Wiggins

    Director of Product Management

  19. Megan Feldhauser

    Sales Development

  20. Nathan Griffin

    Software Developer

  21. Kayla Cox

    Operations Admin

  22. Caroline Cox

    Content Marketing Specialist

  23. Betty Shaw

    Sales Development

  24. Laura Kavanagh

    Account Executive

  25. Jess Charmoli

    Sales Development

  26. Mark Viglotti

    Account Executive

  27. Sophie Newman

    Support Associate

  28. Stacy Oh

    Support Associate

  29. Elizabeth Oliver

    Sales Development

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